Stained-glass mural ” Journey of Life”

March 20, 2024

    Many of my works of public art, including the SHIP’S CAT in the motif of a sailor, are represented in this stained-glass mural ” Journey of Life”. They were exhibited in various parts of Japan and the world, and have travelled with me several times. When I travelled, I often used Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport), which was completed in the year before the Osaka Expo ’70, and it has therefore become the starting point of my journeys.

 My creative ideas come from the memories of Expo’70 Commemorative Park located along the Osaka Monorail line. The Tree of Life depicting the evolution of life as a big tree is exhibited inside the Tower of the Sun, which was designed by Taro Okamoto and constructed in the park back in 1970 for the Osaka Expo. You might say that life is also taking a long journey.

 I hope that this stained-glass mural will bring courage and comfort, and guide the journeys of people and life just like the SHIP’S CAT, the guardian god of travel.


Stained Glass: CREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio


 *The production and installation of this art work was subsidized as a CSR and PR project by the Japan Lottery Association.